Pandora 2014 UK to enhance earnings

American corporations are only for profits This is exactly what the supreme court of in america(Scotus)Did in its decision on citizens united versus workers, but election commission.In conferring personhood upon organizations and assigning full first amendment protections for free speech, the scotus not only made it perfectly legal businesses to lie but also opened a pandora box of election campaign abuse. At a time when deep pocketed companies already control both political parties, and connected with campaign 2010 would hit nearly $4 billion with americans fighting to take their country back from the special interests, the citizens united decision revealed another $180 million in campaign ads, with $120 million based on undisclosed sources. On account of the scotus decision, corps, even those with extensive foreign ownership, now have the electricity to directly influence american elections.How this is always positive for our nation is a mystery.The founding fathers were not ever advocates of such corporate power.They fully defined the truth expressed by justice john paul stevens, in his dissenting opinions:Corporation must engage the electoral process with the aim Pandora 2014 UK to enhance earnings of the company, you utilize persuasive the argument for a broader or conflicting set of priorities.Not necessarily people, and what good for one is not at all times good for the other.The citizens united decision is an abomination upon the american system of government that runs counter to the ideal of one individual one vote.Tax while stoking profits with cheap foreign labor.It corrupts the very core of our founding and helps to ensure that a of the people, by the individuals, for ghanaians will indeed perish from the earth. An advanced patriot, flower gardening makes a your country and care about democracy, you fit in that, right or left, our government is one of the people.Please raise your voice and say no to the sale of our democracy join other americans more information in ending corporate rule and move to amend.


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