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Lost a pet Losing a pet is a traumatic experience for you, your family and your pet.Ask neighbours and their children(Kids often know more about the neighbourhood than working parents), letter carriers, joggers, garbage collectors, newspaper carriers and others to look out for your pet. Use the internet There are many websites dedicated to helping lost and found animals be returned to their guardians.The following sites include canada, and may be a valuable resource for you to post either a lost or found animal, as well as search the listings to see if your missing pet is among them.Post them in as many places as possible:Around the site where the animal was lost;Grocery and corner stores;Local parks;Telephone Chap Party Dresses Australia poles etc. Consider offering a nominal reward.Beware of callers who say they have your pet and demand you send them money for the animal's return.Withhold one of your pet's identifying characteristics so you can verify the honesty of a caller who is claiming to have found your pet. Place an ad in the paper Place an ad in the lost column of local newspapers.Since many papers allow people to put"Found"Ads for free, check newspapers daily in case someone is trying to find you! Visit animal agebc dresses shelters Go and personally visit the animal shelters in your area rather than phoning them.Often shelters have many animals that might match your pet and workers are often too busy to handle phone calls.Visit the shelter every 24 hours.If you don't have a shelter in your area contact the local police.


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