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'Lone star' ticks Bridesmaid Dresses Australia may be invading Wisconsin The ticks, called"Lone star"Ticks for the pattern on the females' backs, usually live in the southeastern and eastern parts of the country.But according to researchers at the university of wisconsinmadison, the ticks are increasingly appearing in wisconsin as well. "We've never seen them in the kinds of numbers we've been picking up recently,"Said susan paskewitz, a professor of entomology at uwmadison, who reported monday finding 12 of the ticks in small areas of dane county this summer. A rare but eyecatching side effect of the lone star tick's bite is that it can make people allergic to red meat.But more common is infection with a bacterial pathogen called ehrlichia chaffeensis, which causes symptoms such as muscle aches, fever or nausea. Lone star ticks found in wisconsin have not yet been tested to see whether they carry the ehrlichia chaffeensis pathogen.But, paskewitz said, if these flulike symptoms show up after a trip to an area with lots of ticks, a visit to a doctor might be in order. According to diep hoang johnson, an epidemiologist of vectorborne diseases at the wisconsin department of health services, wisconsin has had one confirmed case of ehrlichiosis caused by the pathogen this year.Hoang johnson said there were 1, 761 confirmed cases of lyme disease, also carried by http://www.agebc.com/wedding-dress/formal-wedding-dresses... ticks, in wisconsin last year. Lone star ticks aren't yet present in numbers anywhere near those of more common species like deer ticks and wood ticks.And before saying that the ticks have officially become established in wisconsin, researchers will need to see all three of the ticks' life stages larval, nymphal and adult in the same area for several years in a row, criteria that paskewitz and hoang johnson say haven't yet been met. But, paskewitz said, the fact that several of the ticks already have been found in just a few small areas suggests that they are probably widespread. So far, most of the lone star ticks have been reported in dane county, partly because that's where paskewitz and her team work.But three also have been picked up in milwaukee county, and one or two each in brown, marathon, price, st.Croix and waukesha counties. For those venturing outdoors in areas with endemic tick populations, hoang johnson said,"Taking personal precaution to reduce tick bites is the key. "Antitick measures include using insect repellent with 20% to 30% deet;Using permethrin, an insecticide, on clothing;Minimizing exposed skin;And showering and checking for ticks after returning home. But those who do pick up lone star ticks are encouraged to help with tick surveillance and report them to paskewitz's lab, either by sending a photo or by sending the tick itself. "The more records we get, the more we can look at how widespread the distribution is,"Paskewitz said.This also helps health care practitioners determine how likely it is a patient has been exposed to pathogens. But the females"Are unmistakable,"Paskewitz said. "They have a little white dot right in the middle of the back. agebc Evening Dresses ".


Pandora Necklace Sale kicks off today

Global entrepreneurship week Pandora Necklace Sale kicks off today Global deals on Pandora Jewelry entrepreneurship week kicks off today Every day on silicon prairie news we celebrate those engaging in entrepreneurship by telling stories of men and women or covering news from startups.While, we ourselves our marketers we're working hard to make silicon prairie news a successful company. Having said that, we turn our Pandora Beads Sale attention this week to the events happening just about as part of global entrepreneurship week(Late 15 21), A conference"Connecting people everywhere we look through local, national and global activities designed to assist them to explore their potential as self starters and innovators, A lot of people, silicon prairie studies, unfortunately don't have any special attractions planned to celebrate this week, but we'd like to encourage you to view the video below to get a sense of the spirit to be sweeping the globe.To put it accurately, that spirit already hit parts of the universe this past weekend as startup weekend hosted the first ever global startup battle, which contained 13 events in four countries. In the below, we encourage you to leave your opinion of entrepreneurship.Ask these questions,"How does entrepreneurship may be the cause in my life, or simply, let us know of an entrepreneurship focused event that is going down this week.In omaha, cornstalks and barcamp are happening look for an event post to come with additional information.


Air Jordan 7 as it can be crafted

Black onyx jordans shoes 2014 jewellery click here to see more info about jordans shoes a sensational semi This very special semi precious stone black onyx is the perfect stone to choose for your pieces of black jewellery.To its neutral colour it will compliment many outfits and like the"Black outfits"Should always go for your wardrobe a black necklace should always be in your jewellery box.The semi precious stone black onyx is getting increasingly popular among jewellery shoppers who are looking for something that is elegant.Owing its popularity to its neutral black colour that will compliment many outfits as we all have a black outfits so we should all have a black necklace, it appeals to both males and females.Popular types of semi precious black onyx necklaces include rings, hand crafted bracelets, handmade glow earrings, embellished pins and unique earrings.The relative softness of black onyx also makes it the ideal material for carving and settings in all kinds of semi precious handmade jewellery which also adds to its ever ever increasing popularity Air Jordan 7 as it can be crafted into both modern and traditional designs.The semi precious gemstone is becoming more and more common throughout the world, but is most of the world supply of tempted is stone is to be found in brazil, madagascar and indian.Due to this, back onyx jewellery is affordable and this means it is available to use all.The bands of the natural semi precious stone are normally black or white in colour.Popular types of black onyx jewellery that's been handcrafted from this elegant semi precious stone include rings many with this stone set in silver and many men wear signet rings with this stone, bracelets and examples designs have carvings, charms and pendants, and pearl charms.Available to men you will various styles of jewellery black onyx cuff links and handcrafted tie tacks.Black onyx semi precious stone is the birthstone for the month of anyone which has born in february.Sardonyx, at the same time, is the birthstone if you have been born in the month of august.Onyx is also the tenth anniversary gemstone and giving a piece of handmade jewellery crafted from this stone is a lovely way to say that you have taken time to choose a gift with meaning and that you care.Onyx beads of various forms are often crafted into bracelets.A popular variant is likely to be for bracelets made from alternating onyx beads and beads from other semi precious beads, aqua green, coral and carnelian work beautifully with this stone and some of the combining can be very dramatic.The contrasting beads are linked together with gold and silver, making this black onyx bracelet a striking unique design to go with any outfit.If you are intending to wear a formal dress, then consider complimenting it with a simple bracelet of oval onyx linked together with white silver or gold because sometimes more is less when choosing which jewellery design to wear.As a result of neutral colour of black onyx jewellery, it makes a perfect gift for any gender since it compliments every other colour you decide wear it with.An ideal special day would therefore be a birthday part, a wedding anniversary, even wedding events.As black strings of beads, onyx can accentuate the neck of any woman and even make the neck look longer;This will depend on the design and style of the piece.Taking care of onyx jewellery and necklaces is not as onerous as it may seem.Basically, its care and cleaning is an easy process and far easier than that of most other forms of jewellery.To clean your onyx rings, simply soak in warm soapy water for a few months.Use a very soft brush to remove any residual dirt.These pieces shouldn't be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners as this will damage the semi precious stone.Doing so would cause the stone to crack and and also ruin you piece.