Pandora Jewellery helped business Peter kieran

Gift card helped business Gift card Pandora Jewellery helped business Peter kieran of madam kay and the clanbrassil street traders agreed that the creation of the nice one gift card was giving local retaillers a welcome boost. 'We had there are many coming in to redeem their vouchers and the card certainly seems to have been very popular, Particularly the fact that countless uses for flash in 100 different outlets in town and remains valid for 12 months, The end into christmas this year had seen the family run boutique being very busy in the week before december 25th and now the january sales were attracting shoppers to town despite the bad weather. Never the less, he wasn't sure if the decrease in pay parking had had a noticeable affect, arguing click here to see more info that the council should evaluate introducing free parking in the run up to christmas in 2010 as had been done in drogheda and other towns. Kate english of pulse/pacemaker commented that there had been various people about town during christmas week. 'People stayed at home and bought at home and we had numerous buying for close http://www.nhab.co.uk/pandora-beads.html family over the last few days. -- The shop's selling, mostly items at 50%, meant that they had been very busy dads and moms after christmas as well. Welcoming the creation of the nice one gift card, kate said it was 'about time that we start advertising and promotion dundalk, ' We have a lot of shoppers who travel here from all over, Making use of Northern Ireland, And we also had people who had travelled from Dublin with the goal of shopping in the north, But when they definitely saw what a great town Dundalk is, They kept here.Or


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