Bridesmaid Dresses Australia may be invading

'Lone star' ticks Bridesmaid Dresses Australia may be invading Wisconsin The ticks, called"Lone star"Ticks for the pattern on the females' backs, usually live in the southeastern and eastern parts of the country.But according to researchers at the university of wisconsinmadison, the ticks are increasingly appearing in wisconsin as well. "We've never seen them in the kinds of numbers we've been picking up recently,"Said susan paskewitz, a professor of entomology at uwmadison, who reported monday finding 12 of the ticks in small areas of dane county this summer. A rare but eyecatching side effect of the lone star tick's bite is that it can make people allergic to red meat.But more common is infection with a bacterial pathogen called ehrlichia chaffeensis, which causes symptoms such as muscle aches, fever or nausea. Lone star ticks found in wisconsin have not yet been tested to see whether they carry the ehrlichia chaffeensis pathogen.But, paskewitz said, if these flulike symptoms show up after a trip to an area with lots of ticks, a visit to a doctor might be in order. According to diep hoang johnson, an epidemiologist of vectorborne diseases at the wisconsin department of health services, wisconsin has had one confirmed case of ehrlichiosis caused by the pathogen this year.Hoang johnson said there were 1, 761 confirmed cases of lyme disease, also carried by http://www.agebc.com/wedding-dress/formal-wedding-dresses... ticks, in wisconsin last year. Lone star ticks aren't yet present in numbers anywhere near those of more common species like deer ticks and wood ticks.And before saying that the ticks have officially become established in wisconsin, researchers will need to see all three of the ticks' life stages larval, nymphal and adult in the same area for several years in a row, criteria that paskewitz and hoang johnson say haven't yet been met. But, paskewitz said, the fact that several of the ticks already have been found in just a few small areas suggests that they are probably widespread. So far, most of the lone star ticks have been reported in dane county, partly because that's where paskewitz and her team work.But three also have been picked up in milwaukee county, and one or two each in brown, marathon, price, st.Croix and waukesha counties. For those venturing outdoors in areas with endemic tick populations, hoang johnson said,"Taking personal precaution to reduce tick bites is the key. "Antitick measures include using insect repellent with 20% to 30% deet;Using permethrin, an insecticide, on clothing;Minimizing exposed skin;And showering and checking for ticks after returning home. But those who do pick up lone star ticks are encouraged to help with tick surveillance and report them to paskewitz's lab, either by sending a photo or by sending the tick itself. "The more records we get, the more we can look at how widespread the distribution is,"Paskewitz said.This also helps health care practitioners determine how likely it is a patient has been exposed to pathogens. But the females"Are unmistakable,"Paskewitz said. "They have a little white dot right in the middle of the back. agebc Evening Dresses ".


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